Entertaining scam baiting

I recently found a couple great channels on YouTube that do some amazing scam baiting.

If you’re not familiar with the term, scam baiting is essentially wasting as much of the scammer’s time as possible - Both to keep them from victimizing someone else, and for the sheer hilarity of wasting their time and frustrating their efforts.

A couple of my favorites:

Kitboga, in the video above, is using a voice changer and playing the part of a naive old woman. The video itself is hysterical and the character he plays is outstanding. Pay close attention to the scammer, though. Listen to how they will try to manipulate you. They’ll say and do anything to build trust, then use that against you to ruin your life.

Another great channel is Scammer Payback:

Pierogi uses a similar technique with the character and voice changer. He’s usually able to manipulate the scammer into letting him access their machine though, and will go the extra mile to delete their files. He’s got several videos where he uses those files to contact victims-in-progress to tip them off.

Never let someone remote into your computer to provide “support”, especially from people offering you refunds. If you do allow someone onto your computer, make sure you know and trust them.